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The lusting of Sally

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My crew

My journey towards the sea took me to...the sea where my ship the demonic brown pearl was waiting this was my chance to search for my love child that i had let go so many years ago now.
The waves where 12 feet high the sky was as back as something thats really really black the wind was not to bad actually i thought it would of been colder but it was nice and warm. I climbed aboard my ship hoping and praying that i would come across my sweet man shark creature but it was not meant to be yet again.

The first night i found myself in the arms of a demon named Sally she tried to scratch my face of and at that moment i knew it was love, we made love for 177 hours that night.
The next day i awoke to find she was gone and the ship had sank i have no idea what could of gone wrong we were sailing threw a lovely part of somewhere...ok we were lost as lost as sailors without the stars to guide us but i continued floating around clutching a dead body that i had drowned i mean found. Some hours later i was picked up by another ship called the lust boat luckily they have internet connection so i am able to write this post.


If you have the internet where you are sally don't worry we will meet again and next time can i have a go?


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