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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A fish or a bird? Being confused saves it's life

Well i asked my friend Matt from a chat room what he thought about life he is a young smart man with some health problems but i wont go there, he said and i quote " Oh hell I don't know i hate the world it's so bloody confusing" and that got me thinking...again. Is this what everyone thinks? I asked more people and they all came back with the same answer!
Why have we made the world so confusing to a point where people hate it because of it? The fact is that the world is not confusing people are confusing we are made in a way that prevents us from simplifying life because if we do we believe that our life is simple and that not much is being done with it. The more we have the more we do and that seems to make us a "complete person" when really all its doing is confusing us! So how do we fix this? Trying to fix this would make life even more confusing so why try, because we need a confusing life! Cheers, Damo

P.S. I know this post is confusing.


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