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Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm scared of ghosts and a lot of people are I've never seen a ghost and don't know if i ever will but I'm still scared there is no reason behind this post i just feel like talking about scary things. Scary things are things that scare us if you did not already know unless you like ghosts and or scary things i like scary movies but not spiders so its not the feeling of being scared that i like because then i would like all things that are scary. Do ghosts exist? I think i will become a supernatural investigator to find out maybe write a book on the subject that would be cool or maybe write a book on movie monsters that would be awesome because i loooove movies and of course Buffy which is monster packed that would be cool.
I lied there is a reason behind this post i just wanted to take the long road around to get to it! How many times have you heard someone talking about what they are going to do but never do it? Everyday i hear things like this, well to show you that not everyone in the world is full of bull pooh i will follow threw on my post and write a book about movie monsters and i didn't say a good book because it will suck I'm sure but thats not the point the point is i am going to follow threw on a dream which is the scariest thing of all..... success !
Stay tuned to watch me fail. Cheers, Damo


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