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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I don't know what this post is about i will think of something while i type...........Oh yeah I'm an artist i love art i love arty things but unfortunately i don't do it really at all i used to do it heaps all the time it was my life! I don't know why i don't do it anymore maybe its to hard to make everyone happy with my art and they pressure me? maybe and maybe not. I feel the urge to whip out the paper and pastels all the time but i don't i think i will try and start it up again i have the ideas and can see in my head what i want to pant anyways i went to tafe and summer school at the uni of southern QLD on a government grant i even had a exhibition at the local art gallery it was going off then i stopped i will have to think of why and let me know. I still dabble in computer art when i can but its not the same as getting dirty and covered in paint oh well maybe some day soon i will have something to show me and everyone else but until then see yas!!


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