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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm dabbling in the dark arts like Satan, witchcraft and anything else i can get my hands on and I'm putting this down to my wanting to belong to something and the fact that i actually believe this is what its all about i think that everyone has to choose a side and everyone takes the other side well not really they say they do but really don't i guess I'm just being honest about it but hey everyone is entitled to believe what they want to believe I'm not going to change there mind and i expect no one else to try and change mine although I'm sure some Christians will give it a red hot go and i kinda want them to, is that strange? looking for a fight maybe it is i don't know? I have to tell me and you I'm not that smart so don't go using big words around me cause I'll think your talking in tongues lol anyways see yous again soon maybe in like 15 minutes like i have doing.

If your a nun have a go!!


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