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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am lazy! I do nothing all day except sleep and eat and go fishing or sit on the internet all night in chat rooms talking to probably the best friends I've ever had cause they never judge me because, they might not want me to say this but they are rejects of society as well, well probably not i cant be sure but they are more like me then anyone else I've ever met even tho I've never met them well now I'm confused so how is everyone else going? I need a job and I need to move out of home and get a job i want to so badly and don't understand why i don't but i think it has to do with money so I'm running with that but when i have enough money to move out BAM I'm gone but its hard and i get sad when i think of leaving my pets so maybe I'll stay for a few more years just until I'm like 40 or something lol anyways see ya again soon!


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