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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Photo from PeterSouthWick website don't sue meSometimes ya need a little help

So where to from here? I know what to do just not how to do it maybe I'll lay some more of my strange thoughts on here?
Ok i have one... why no matter how many times you think you've worked everything out and know it all and think that where your life is at is where it should be when someone comes along and blows it all out of the water? Why because thats called progress we are constantly learning and finding new and better ways to live our life and hey if you have a brilliant idea why keep it to yourself! I think thats what I'm trying to do with this blog....or trying to confuse you aha. What does that say about me if even the author doesn't know what he is going on about but if you can get some help or even just motivation out of reading my crap then i will be happy, because even if i haven't learnt a lot from my posting there is one thing i have and thats the fact that its not all about me and if i can help someone else thats worth all the self help books in the world! Thats what its all about people


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