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Friday, July 18, 2008

Thanks to Damian 666, AKA, DAMO, I get the opportunity to take off my feathers and write a post as a human being. However, I am pretty sure he has conned me into filling up space on his blog while he goes and grabs men’s dirty shorts playing a bone pirate’s sport like rugby. So be it.

Since I am now at a sub station of Hell, delving into the subject is probably appropriate here. Let’s take an opportunity to look at my situation with open minds and eyes and whatever toxic substance you use to make you coherent to the world around you.

Since the moment the human species stopped smearing piss, blood and shit on the walls of caves we have had two approaches to the ideology of Heaven and Hell.

Be good and you go to heaven.
Be bad and you go straight to Hell

However, like all other rules there are fallacies to the plan that can often be considered bullshit.

No one is good all the time.
No one is bad all the time.

Already a problem in the first rule, before we even use the other side of our brain.

At this point some SmartAss comes up with the idea that as long as you believe, you can screw up the Number 2 Rule. However, you must try and follow the rules of Number 1. WTF?

Okay, I will play along a bit, how hard do I have to try to follow the rules of Number 1. Can I break forty percent of the rules of Number 1, and still get in to Heaven? Do any of the Rules of Number 1 have more weight than others?

Too many questions and not enough answers, again, we work on the plan.

As of this moment, we have sacrificed one of you to make it easier for you to get in. Now if you say you are sorry for breaking the Rules of Number 1, you can still get in. Great, but what happen to the dude that got sacrificed?

Don’t worry he is in even waiting on you in Heaven.

Wait a minute! I know damn well I would be pissed if you sacrificed me so others could get in the club. Sounds like a trick to me.

You know what, I would rather go to a place where I know for sure everyone is going to be pissed. Send me to Hell.
Ref: Bone Pirate – one who steals a boner


Damian (666) July 18, 2008 at 12:14 PM  

Deep man really makes me think and it hurts, and yeah hell sounds fun...see ya there!
Good stuff keep em coming my rugby game is in overtime.

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