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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mute albino midget !

This is just a few entries in a diary i found while breaking into a house it was my own i had lost my keys and no one was home, don't ask how its a long story...I forgot my keys.

DAY 1:
Hello diary I'm having problems sleeping can you help me out "no I'm a diary dickhead" um ok i'm tired but good i haven't slept for 24 hours and I'm feeling fine!

I'm still feeling good just been watching TV and chilling out I'm over the tiredness now and just want to stare at the roof...its a pretty roof thought i saw a UFO last night

Ran over a couple of people on the way to work today but i suspect they were the aliens that visited me last night besides that I'm feeling fine I'm starting to think that sleep is overrated!

DAY 7: Missed a couple of entries due to those damn aliens trying to steal my baby making juice, but i got them back!

DAY 10:
There everywhere I think its a full scale invasion, still haven't slept but no time now need to prepare for the mother ship they need to be stopped!

DAY ?:
I have to write fast there coming, if i don't make it back alive tell my family i love them !

Well don't i feel silly it turns out there were no aliens it was all in my head aha anyways I've been sleeping again they kind of make you in prison, the first court day is tomorrow it seems my "aliens" were in fact mute albino midgets from around town. This will probably be my last entry for a while as I'm charged with 23 counts of sodomy ...


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