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Sunday, July 6, 2008

My love child

I thought that it was the end of love for me after my girl had died but i never thought those 5 magical hours would produce a love i had never known.
The body of my shark was frozen only an hour after death i couldn't bare to see her die and after 5 years i had discovered the cure for "fish out of water" disease. We lived happily for several days before she left for the sea again it seems you can take the fish out of the ocean but you cant take the ocean out of the fish. I knew that if i loved her i had to let her go but before she left she left me with a present for she had given birth to the most beautiful egg sack i had ever seen. I was sad to see her leave but i knew i had to be strong for the child that was born on its birthday, what a coincidence.
As soon as my daughter/shark creature hatched i knew she was the shark women creature i had been waiting for my whole life. That day we made extreme with a chicken kinda kinky love it was the best of my life but again it was not meant to be as it seemed she felt like the sea was calling her. I tried to stop her but the following day i woke to find her water bed empty and my heart just as empty. I cried for 7 days and nights with no water or food just emotion, i went down to the pier where i had caught my love, i put my rod in the water again hoping like hell that one day my sexy girl would bite giving me just one more chance of sweet sweet shark man loving.
If you go down to that pier today you can still see me there crying with my pants down around my ankles while i vigorously pleasure myself with a sock puppet called sharky, i know one day my family will be reunited.
THE END... for now!


threio July 6, 2008 at 1:47 PM  

I see why you call him your Love Child, he probably got his nose deep in your lower instestine.

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