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Its ooonnnn (part 2)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Banger gong we are on thanks iron chef for that intro, yes the bell has rung and the fighters seem to be circling each other oh God just flicked off the Devil he will not be happy with that remember this is a no break to the death match lets join the commentators Damo.

Theres no love lost between these two as God gives the rude finger to his opponent.

Thanks Damo! Here comes the Devil lunging at God oh no God has swung around and grabbed the Devils balls with the force of an atom bomb exploding and he is on the ground could it all be over already, no wait hes getting back up and God is giving the Devil the bird...again he is really asking for it.

OHHH god has jumped on the Devil and just rammed his face into the ground these two are really starting to fire up as the Devil is down again and in a lot of pain and looks ready to die no wait hes up and we are fighting again there are a lot of punches going on and God seems to be landing the most but they seem to be all girly hits that are not even making a dent in the Devil.

Thats right Damo the Devil seems to be enjoying it and is almost inviting God to keep punching is this his plan?


God has the Devil in a head lock but wait the devil has just given God the biggest nipple cripple I have ever seen I think he actually twisted his nipple right off, not good for God! They are circling each other again and both look tired!

God doesn't look the best he has a lot of blood in his eye from a cut on his brow the doctor is just checking it out at the moment but remember this fight wont stop until one of them is dead!

God has just spat a great big loogie into the Devils face but the Devil is just laughing at him, that was gross! Yes it was Damo what will the devil do back? Its a head butt right into the nose of God smashing him to the ground but God has magically made a chair appear out of nowhere and is angrily ramming it into the Devils head over and over that doesn't look good at all Damo!

Who will win, who is the strongest, who wants our souls the most? Why am i asking you all these questions? I don't know. The last fight lasted a thousand years so we will return to our usual blog programing for now but we will keep you updated so stay tuned for more! Damo out.


threio July 31, 2008 at 4:42 AM  

Where are the ring sluts and angels! What kinda a pay per click shit is this programming!

bali-travel-tourism August 1, 2008 at 5:28 PM  

what is ...???

Damian (666) August 1, 2008 at 9:27 PM  

Um yeah ok bali sure anyways Threio my mum wasn't available as a ring slut for this post, she was busy teaching homeless kids how to suck cock for drugs but maybe next time!

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