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Saturday, July 5, 2008

A story I've had brewing in the gray matter of my "brain" for a while now so please pull up a chair grab the kiddies around and venture into the wild world of make believe truth.

The time machine fired up with the sound of hundreds of jet engines firing at once, a small light began to appear from the center of the cube, the light growing larger shot to every corner of the box like a tear in time itself. The spaceman suited up with the protection of an astronaut for he knew the trip there was the hardest and roughest ride he will ever take.
the count down began as the spaceman ran towards the portal leaping on the count of one. Like a jump of a cliff he hit the ground like a tennis ball being smashed by a racket but they had prepared him for such a landing supplying him with medical aids for everything known to exist in that period. He was in the time of Christ they had sent him back to discover the truth.

Anyways to cut a long story short the people thought he was there Christ and nailed him to a cross while writing a book about his magical powers and how he could cure illnesses, called the bible (revealing music plays). He was the man he had gone back in time to research and find out the truth about. THE END (credits role)


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