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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm one of these now.

Well howdy there folks I got a hankering for a story telling so sit right back and relax maybe put on some relaxing music and break out the possum stew because we're going to work!

Thats right I worked last night, why I don't know but me thinks it has something to do with the government threatening to cut my payments because they suck.

The expierience really scared the living crap out of me because I hate authority with a passion but mainly because I am known for my stupid jokes that offend lots and lots and lots and....lots of people and I didn't want to burn my bridges before I've crossed them, I'll wait and see if I like the work before getting fired!

The good part is the money that I haven't seen yet but I'm sure will be glorious and moneyrific (another new word, add it to your dictionary!). The bad part is the work and I have to sacrifice a few of my beliefs and conform just a little bit but I'm sure I will be fired soon and the universe can return to normal, we can only hope.

You may be thinking I'm a bum and well yeah I am but I have a good reason and its that I don't want to work (thats an excuse) but we all do things we don't want to I was just trying to limit the amount of doing things I didn't want to do to a safe level of 0%.

I'll let ya'll know how all the work place funnies go down and of course we can only hope my firing!


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