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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why bother getting up out of bed every morning, why do anything, why try, whats the point?

In my line of work (chef ) I hear it all the time, "life sux, everything sux, I hate my life", complain, complain, complain and you know what I'm sick of freaken hearing it!!! If you life is soooo farken bad that you need to spend every waking hour of it complaining then maybe you should do something about it!!

Your complaining is totally fucked up and whats worse its annoying the crap out of me. Trust me when I say your life isn't that bad, do you have to eat food from the garbage or do you live in a box and have aids and missing your left nut, no? Then shut the fuck up.

When you end up starving and pissing blood while getting raped by a gang of angry mountain apes dressed like angry clowns then maybe you can complain about it but I will need proof and pictures.

I'm totally sick of this shit if you haven't already noticed, how gives a fuck if you lost your house in the 'credit crunch' or lost your billion dollar boat, I don't want to hear about it everyday and hour I'm awake...dick.

If you hate your life so much then heres an idea, ummm let me think TRY CHANGING IT its not that fucking hard to change jobs, move or kill your family and start new in a different country!

You CAN change your life and unless your in prison then you have no excuse so next time before you start complaining about the price of beer just remember the next person that does without being raped by apes with aids will get a dump on their shoes and a punch to the face because thats how I roll.

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survivor November 16, 2008 at 2:06 AM  

Ha had..that was some funny shit!

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