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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What where am I? I know this place from somewhere oh yeah its Angry Clown the most rawken, kick ass, midget fistingness and rottenest blog EVA created in your face biotch BAM fuck yeah.

Sooooo whats the point of this post? Eh fuck points they're to much work, EVA try writing a post with no point? Its called a diary hahahaaaa fuck that.

Can you have a post with no point thats not a diary? FUCK YEAH ya can its called Angry Clown and ya mum loves it... all night long.

For the ladies

Heres a point, I'm sick of thinking and I'm just gunna go with what EVA from now on because ya know what? life's short and ya need to do what you want and just say "fuck you" to the people telling you what to do because one day your going to look back and its going to be to late!

I hear what your saying, "aren't you only 26? then why are you sounding like an old drunk" Heres the answer because I want to, problem solved.

Wars are going to still happen and people are still going to murder other people for no good reason if they do what they want and nothing EVA going to change that.

For the blokes (I know you love this shit)

So what the fuck is the point? The point is that we are made like this by who EVA the fuck made us or its how we have evolved from fish or monkeys and junk, if you believe in that.

I say fuck it we're going to do what we're going to do and no new president or bible bashing priest with a million followers or douche with a blog is EVA going to change the future, we do that (not very well).

Depressing enough for ya? HAVE A NICE DAY


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