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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stand out and they will catch you

I had a conversation with a good friend in a chat room last night about people that have different beliefs to the majority of people in society and the fact that we have to change to "fit in" and why we have the urge to conform. The overall feeling was that we are not happy unless we fit in witch means we have to go against what we believe sometimes, this also leads to us "changing" which then leads to us not being our selfs, i had a problem with this because i didn't want to become someone I'm not just to fit, when another friend told me that the changes and choices we make represent who we are more then the beliefs we hold and the choices we make are underrated changes in our life that all add up to who we are so in the end i felt heaps better about me trying to fit in and believe that i will keep my individuality and it will also just make life easier which is all anyone wants...i think! So until next time cheers, Damo


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