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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stuff that!!!

So i have some ideas and i think I've calmed down a bit which is good cause i was doing my brain in i think now this is the real me calm, cool and that other word so what am i thinking now? Well which way to take this blog i really do love this stuff and think i would go mental without this outlet so......I don't know, any ideas? Maybe just my thoughts but what do i think at the moment? we will have to wait and find out!
Been fishing a lot lately but haven't really caught much its not been the best weather, yeah thats my excuse the weather. I'm sure they will be biting again soon there a lot like life sometimes you have it, sometimes you don't, more don't at the moment. Crashed a motorbike again today but not into a car that was fun I'm very sore at the moment but bones heal and legends last forever so i would probably do it again just a little less throttle next time. Anyways see you next time!


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