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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lighten up Damo your going to have a meltdown or something, Its cool i don't even use my brain to write this crap it just flows out of me like the morning after a big night on the chili eewwww. Anyways whats the point of this post? Nothing just wanted to explain myself to....myself a bit more, so if i did think of what i said before i said it I'm sure it wouldn't be the same although I've never really tried to think to deeply before only a couple of times and i always come back to the same place and that is the big question what is the meaning of life? why are we here, how did the universe show up? Where did it all begin? These questions really get me down because i know i will never know the answers which is what everything is all about! Not life or money or how many friends you have but when, where and why, i think thats what drives us to get up everyday... just in case we stumble upon the answer somehow! It could happen! Remember the earth isn't flat...anymore!! (or is it?)


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