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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I want to see how well i think when i get tired and well I'm tired its 11:30pm and I'm trying to think of my next big hit you may think all these amazing and awesome ideas come to me just like that, well they do actually but at the moment all i can think about is tomorrow and what i have to do its almost killing me thinking of going down the road to hand a form in. Why do i feel this way? Anxiety is it...but I'm on medication for that, what is the reason is it the fact that i have a problem with people telling me what to do so i don't want to do it or is it the fact that i don't have much fuel in my car and I'm scared i will run out and break down? I would say yes because I have gotten to a stage where i don't care what people think which is a bigger problem then being scared of them. Anyways now I'm looking forward to it so i can research my feelings and thoughts along the way and let me know on this blog after, i cant wait!

P.S. Will i ever shut up?


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