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Monday, June 23, 2008

Just a piece i did about Willow.

Having lots of trouble getting motivated at the moment i think due to the fact that i have decided to change my life and to start being a little less "full on" and start being a bit more normal so i guess this post is about that and me saying that you can discard the earlier posts lol. All this makes me realize just how much this blogging stuff helps i know it has helped me sort out my problems! I really didn't like reading what i had wrote it just seemed strange even to me lol. Soon my motivation will come back and then i can maybe post some short stories and a lot of Buffy stuff lol? I think that would be cool maybe start a writing career , kidding but it seems fun and like I've said before i always loved art! So lets hope see ya next time!! Cheers, Damo


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