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Thursday, July 24, 2008

In a strange mood at the moment almost like there is impending doom just around the corner so thought I might do a post about how the world might Well I'm just going to type any crap that comes out of my Zoloft soaked brain, thats my excuse.

It all started on a day like today the call came threw and within hours it was on every channel in the world the streets were empty and the no one could believe what they were seeing. The news reports said it was the end, dooms day because the comet was going to hit earth and there was nothing anyone could do not even superman or Buffy, I know not even Buffy can you believe it?

Anyways the reports said the earth had 1 hour of life left so everyone should be with there families and everyone they love, every prisoner no matter what they had done were released and all armies sent home. Everyone knew this was it and there was no point fighting it so there was a freaky calm that almost made it seem like the earth had already died and no one was left.

A short time later the TV went dead and all the radio stations followed except for a few stations with presenters that had nowhere else to be. The massive rock was first sighted near Japan and was only a innocent looking dot that seemed like it couldn't even squash a fly.

There was only 30 minutes to go before the end all that could be heard was babies and kids crying and the occasional roar from the engine of a stolen Ferrari or Porsche being driven down the street. I headed into my bedroom and sat on my bed not knowing if it would hurt or not hoping that it wouldn't I didn't think it would because it was going to be quick unless it wasn't a direct hit then I would die slowly and painfully with the millions of other people that were unlucky enough to not be in the "strike zone".

I couldn't handle it anymore I had to end it now the waiting was the worst and I didn't want to go like this I wanted to finish it myself and not have some dumb rock choose how and when, I grabbed a knife from the kitchen sink and walked towards the bathroom I wasn't crying just sad as I entered the bathroom and ran my last bath I would ever have. I slid slowly into the water and clutched the knife with my left hand at first and with one long and hard strike I cut deep into my right wrist, It didn't hurt as much as i thought it would it kinda tickled. After doing the other wrist I felt like I was slowly loosing myself but I wasn't afraid, not of death not know.

My eyes were slowly getting heavier and I knew I had beaten the rock I sure showed it that it couldn't kill me, it would never get me not now not ever, as I faded that thought kept running threw my mind, it was all over.

An hour had passed and still no rock had hit, the TVs and radio stations came back on and started reporting that the rock had missed and the earth would live to see another day but it was to late for me, my life ended that day it was the end of my world.

Ok thats great I'm a nut.


threio July 25, 2008 at 3:19 AM  

You dumbass! Did you at least sell/give your blog to someone we can torture in the future?

Damian (666) July 26, 2008 at 11:25 AM  

Yeah my mum shes the wicked bitch of the west! enjoy LMAO

VAGGELIS July 26, 2008 at 8:32 PM  

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