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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Reality sucks how much cooler is this!!!

I am a sexy beast i have this on good authority that I'm the sexiest and cutest man that ever lived...ever. I know this because people i have never met and that have never seen me in person say so! This is the way of the chat room its your alter ego that does the talking. I'm not really a sexy man but my ego is he is confident sexy and smart he is known only by Its_a_scream due to my love of horror movies! This is kind of my thought for the day or year or whatever if we can strive to be in real life what we are online then the world would be so gay and full of pretenders trying to be something there not. So i say thank god (or Satan) for the invention of chat rooms...They are also a good place to pick up a pretty transsexual if ya into that sort of stuff...Qelqoth...THE END

P.S I still have a car


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