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Vampire, werewolf and zombie

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vampire werewolf zombie fish?

Another day sleeping and another strange dream. This one was about vampire werewolf cross breeds that had been turned into zombies after a world wide outbreak of zombie people like all the movies. Anyways there were a group of cross bred "werewolf and vampire" creatures that weren't infected that had joined forces with some uninfected humans to try and save the world from both zombie creatures and zombie people. This dream was awesome and played out like a movie with the star being a cross bred vamp we were forced down the sewers to fight for our lives and find a cure or just kill them all with action left right and center and when we thought we were done for another way of escape would always pop up just like a movie. It was cool and i kinda wanted this to happen for real after i woke up not for the fact that it would be cool but because i didn't see how the dream finished and don't know if we one or lost but maybe I'll finish the dream next time I'm asleep. So just wanted to let people know the zombie genre hasn't ended there are still plenty more ideas to follow up on so people keep zombies alive!!


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