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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Monsters, the things that hide under your bed the tears on kiddies faces the goose bumps on the back of your neck these things are what make us feel alive. Fear is a feeling that can be even stronger then love it can change you from hero to zero with a scream a sound a twig breaking thats all it takes! They are also very entertaining and can make you obsessed with them kinda like me. I love slasher flicks and monster movies and the cheesier the better so you might of guessed that my favorite movie is Scream possibly the best slasher flick ever made...ever. Is there anything that Wes Craven can't can't do don't answer that! This post is kinda like a home work post if you love me you will watch as many Wes Craven films as you can then go outside and think of the world as a movie, you will suspect everyone and everything and therefore be scared of life itself. I have done this and for a week i wouldn't go outside for the fear that a knife would find my back! It really was a fun week! So try it!

SMG in Scream 2

Not her best role but its still Sarah and thats all that matters...All praise her!! When your watching her demise keep an eye out for a guys head pop up just as she falls off the balcony just a small stuff up.


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