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Brangelina's New Baby

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Forget about the current immigration bill approved by the US Senate but loathed by Congressional Republicans.

Forget about the american political merry-go-round of Republicans defending corrupt Democrats because they think their arrest was unconstitutional.

Forget about the stupidity about English-only legislation while the United States still hasn't figured out what to do with their Spanish-speaking colony.

Forget about the Soul Patrol voter turn out or Duke's soulless women Lacrosse team.

Forget about chaos in East Timor or the Earthquake that shook Indonesia.

All we care about is Brangelina's new baby!
Now that the $400 million baby pictures are online, aren't you going to look at them?

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Jumpin' Jehosephat. Wow, I can see why they fetch so much. Certainly the most hideous creature I've ever seen. That is circus sideshow freak material right there folks. "Step right up, step right up! See the 2-1/2-foot-tall vicious demon-child named Damo, it popped out of Brangelina's shared womb and ate the doctor's face in three seconds flat."

Hey, I think those pics could be a goldmine for some amateur photographer.
Congratulations Brangelina! Your child has a face so ugly that as a mother you won't know which end to put the diaper on. It looks like it crawled out from some subterranean abyss to brighten the lives of these long-suffering parents. The dentist may want to treat that thing by mail-order. Boy oh boy, just goes to show you, two beautiful people make one ugly baby... all that anticipation only to be one huge letdown in the looks department. Their child-beast certainly makes blindness a wonderful thing to look forward to.

Anyway. Life is too short to be depressed and ranting and raving all the time. Unless you're an Angry Clown. But with Brangelina for parents, breast feeding has to ease the tension some, yes?

p.s. TITS! Now I have your attention.


Damian (666) August 5, 2008 at 2:26 PM  

LMAO thats the cutest baby I've ever seen!

~Static~ August 5, 2008 at 2:51 PM  

Second only to the love child of a Sasquatch and Sandra Bernhardt (one woman you want to be sure that the 'SafeSearch is on' when Google Image Searching her name)

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