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Its a angry clown kinda christmas.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If your good you can have this!

Its getting close to Xmas and I thought I'd jump the gun and write about the angry clown Xmas way after all you will need some time to plan! Xmas or the birth of a turd called Jebus (we don't use his real name around here) happened according to some book around 2008 years ago when a "virgin" was raped and gave birth to Gods son, yes she was spoon fed how mythical, she even had a husband! What is that commandment, "thy shall not fuck some dudes misses and get her prego" but I guess that rule doesn't apply to Gawd.

Anyways every year we spend billions of dollars on toys and presents for people we know, just the way God intended it and we have to keep it that way! As soon as we start celebrating the "real reason" for Xmas will probably have a massive depression like the one we are having now but worse BABABAAAAAAAA (shocking music for ambiance).

So it is your duty to buy up big and make sure that everyone you know forgets about the real reason behind Xmas, you will need to burn all the bibles you can get your hands on and make sure your kiddies are infatuated with Santa which is an anagram of Satan if that helps? Church burning is also acceptable but might get you in the shit so pooh smearing will come in handy on the church front. No good will must be shown unless its towards the large supermarket chains and toy companies.

Xmas is a time for celebrating just make sure what you are celebrating is a strong economic future and not the birth of some douche that may or may not of existed thousands of years ago in a land far far away, hasn't he caused enough shit?


~Static~ October 1, 2008 at 3:14 PM  

Huh, did ya say somethin'?

LOLZA! Sorry, couldn't get my eyes off Santa's Little Helper... yummeh!
You got more of that babe in your bag Santa?

threio October 1, 2008 at 3:15 PM  

its a little early for XMAS delight, but I will take the eye candy just the same. thx for the early present.

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