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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I despise people that literally get butt-hurt when I point out their spelling errors and I mean literally like their head moves further up their asses. They complain about being corrected like I attacked their integrity and everything they stand for just because I pointed out its 'whole not hole' or 'their not there' or 'your not you're.' I'm just giving a helpful heads up so you can help yourself and if you dont like it then you and your GED can sleep at night ignorantly knowing that you'd rather keep misspelling words that my 8 year old cousin can spell and use correctly.

I dont have anything against misspellings, hell, I actually dont mind it when people help me out and point out a word or two that is misspelled. I use it to better my grammar. But those that think pointing out a misspelling are fighting words are fucking idiots. They become so angry and ignorant they retaliate by dubbing me as the "spelling police." What the hell does that mean? You know what, I am the spelling police and you should prepare yourself because your ass is under arrest for being a dumb fuck, ready yourself for an ass beating.

Furthermore, I hate online arguments that devolve into a fight about spelling. What are you, in the 5th grade? Get a better come back than pointing out a misspelled word in a person's rebuttal. Once you point out a misspelling and it becomes the base for your argument then one can infer that you are have no idea how to respond and are forgoing with personal attacks and have become a fucking idiot and should shut the fuck up.

So everyone, do all of us a favor and by all of us I mean the world; and just do your homework and learn your grammar and spelling. Pay attention in class.


Damian (666) November 4, 2008 at 11:02 AM  

lol wut taht iz teh funny i has the wurst grammar EVA, their i said it.

TheFLy November 4, 2008 at 2:17 PM  

haha! Misspellings dont bother me, its people that get mad about me trying to point out a common misspelling. Hell, im not prefct myiself/.

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